Kupelas de sidra


Do you know about the origins of cider houses? It goes way back in time, when people used to visit and try plenty of different ciders befor buying a large barrel to last at home all year.

Grifo kupela

Discover the tradition of Basque cider

Txotx means getting rid of the “cork” in the barrel so that the cider starts pouring. Then people pour the cider straight into their glasses. Considered the best way of enjoying cider.

Nowadays, a visit to a ciderhouse is a social celebration. Groups of friends and family meet up to enjoy the traditional cider house menu: chorizo, cod omelette, fried cod with basque sauces, large Steak, basque idiazabal cheese and walnuts. All this served with plenty of cider. There is no limit to the amount of cider being drunk!

The atmosphere is happy and enjoyable, filled with laughter and songs. It’s a unque and amazing experience. A must do, visiting San Sebastian and the Basque Country

The cider season begins in late January and lasts until early April; It is the time when the cider is better. However, we have quality cider throughout the year and we are open 12 months.

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