Plato Txuleta a la parrila


Our traditional/authentic cider house menu, with the best produce and our special touch.

Txirrita cider house menu

Basque chorizo – Garlic and cod soup – Bacon

Cod omelette

Cod in Biscay sauce and pilpil

Rib eye steak

Cheese, apple jelly and walnuts

Typical basque almond biscuits and walnuts cream

(Cider included)
bread and taxes included

Vegan Menu

Vegan basque chorizo sausage

Gilda / txorizo begetala

Tomato sallad or omelette

Cous Cous with seasonal veggies

Vegan steak with piquillo peppers and fried vegetables

Vegan cheese, quince marmelade and walnuts

(All Cider included)
bread and taxes included

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Tortilla de bacalao
Postre queso y nueces
Cazuelita de bacalao
Txuleta a la parrilla
Postre tejas y cigarrilos
Tortilla de bacalao
Cazuelita de bacalao
Cazuelita de bacalao

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